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{NADF} Player of the month - In-Game Results

{NADF} Player of the month - In-Game Results
The {NADF}Player of the month feature logs all results from our end of game map vote on the server. This page represents how those ratings have gone.

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   Player of the month 
Ultrastats V1Ultrastats V1
Ultrastats V2Ultrastats V2

Server Name{NADF} CoD2 CTF
Last Update23.06.2017 (14:55)

 Total Rating Results
PlayernameUltrastats V1Ultrastats V2Ratings
^1{NADF}^7luc^4lodderUltrastats V1Ultrastats V23
^^33nn1^^99toMisUltrastats V1Ultrastats V23
^1{NADF}^5gedo^1cideUltrastats V1Ultrastats V22
^1{NADF}^7 ^2Par^7si^1falUltrastats V1Ultrastats V22
^1{NADF} ^4Com^7ma^4ndo^3**^7Ultrastats V1Ultrastats V22
^5[NANO]^2TonytecUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
hroutilUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
^9Mort^1!^9ferUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
FakyUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
Go JoeUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
admiralUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
^9{-^2B^9B^2A^9-}^2T^9ankmanUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
Pr^1i^7mo V^1i^7ctoriaUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21
kalamarUltrastats V1Ultrastats V21